PayPal is the preferred method of payment, however please contact us for alternate options such as direct deposit and money orders.

When placing your order, please provide us with a valid contact email address in the optional message section (if different from your PayPal email) to ensure we can get in touch with information regarding your order. 

Gift Cards Terms Of Use

By purchasing, redeeming or attempting to redeem a Gift Card, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Gift Cards are issued only in the following denominations in Australian Dollars: $50, $100, $150 and $200. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or other currencies.

Once a Gift Card is purchased a unique voucher code will be generated and written onto the physical Gift Card certificate. This is then sent via mail to the customer purchasing the Gift Card. A digital email copy can also be requested.

Gift Cards can only be redeemed through the Well Dressed Vandals online store at by entering the unique voucher code in the designated field during the checkout process.

If you wish to make a purchase for an amount that exceeds the value stated on the Gift Card certificate, you must pay the excess in the usual manner via PayPal after the checkout. Please note that as PayPal cannot accept a $0.00 value you will need to make a minimum purchase of at least $5.00 in order for the full card value to be redeemed upon checkout. 

Gift Cards are valid for use for two years from the date of issue (or as otherwise extended by us).

Re-issue of a faulty or damaged Gift Card is not available unless the Gift Card is proven to be faulty or damaged as a result of the production or mailing process. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced or refunded.

Gift Cards cannot be cancelled or exchanged for a different brand, denomination or type of Gift Card or for another tender, cash or discount.

Goods that are purchased solely, or in part with a Gift Card may be exchanged or returned subject to our exchange and returns policy.